Climate action

A climate positive author

I am no angel, but I continuously try to make my climate footprint smaller. By investing in Chooose I have made my company climate positive. I also support the following climate and environmental NGOs: WeDontHaveTime, WWF, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), Greenpeace and Wildhood.

My climate promises to my readers:

• I travel by train whenever possible.

• I drive a hybrid car (Kia Niro ).

• If I have to travel by plane, I compensate for my emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.

• I support at least three environmental organisations every year.

• I donate ten percent of my income for the thriller Blood Moon to organisations who fight poaching and illegal animal trade.

• My Swedish publisher Bookmark offset the carbon footprint for each of the company’s publications.

• I eat 100 % vegetarian meals at least twice a week.

• I use both sides of the paper when printing and use only eco-friendly laser toner cartridges.

• I sell or give away the things I do not longer need instead of throwing it away – and I recycle all that can be recycled.